The National Union of Mountain Towns and Communities

The National Union of Mountain Towns and Communities (UNCEM) is a national organization - present in all the Italian regions - gathering and representing mountain municipalities and communities, as well as associating counties, associations, chambers of commerce and other entities operating in the Italian mountain areas.

UNCEM existed for over fifty years and is representative of an area that corresponds to the 54% of the Italian jurisdiction and in which more than ten million inhabitants actually live.

From January 2011 UNCEM has started an integration process with ANCI, the National Association of Italian Municipalities.

After the XV Congress of Trento held in February 2010, UNCEM has taken a "green" direction. UNCEM’s new strategy and focus in fact, is increasing sustainable energy production in the mountain areas thanks to hydropower, wind power, biomass and photovoltaic.

UNCEM implemented various projects dedicated to energy efficiency and sustainable development. In particular, UNCEM in partnership with the Italian Ministry of Environment is carrying out a project named “Green Communities”, aiming at:

  • 1. promoting advanced forms of renewable energy integration and production in environmentally sensitive areas, according to the participatory approach of the Sustainable Communities;
  •  2. promoting energy efficiency and adoption of new patterns of energy consumption.

 These goals are targeted through activities such as buildings’ audits, feasibility studies and the improvement of forest resources management.